Hi, my name is Kirill Bobyrev. I’m a Software Engineer working at Waymo and living in the 🇺🇸 Silicon Valley. I’m passionate about algorithms, high-performance code, distributed systems and low-level programming.

The following is a short overview of my career and hobbies.

Work and education

I graduated from MIPT with a Bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and physics. During my first year, I discovered my interest in computer science and started competing in programming challenges. Later, I got the chance to participate in Google Summer of Code, where I built a tool using Clang to find copy-pasted code in open-source projects (see poster with results). This led to an internship offer at Google. During my internship, I worked on developing static analysis tools for C++ like clang-rename and Clang-Tidy. It was super fun, and I learned a lot about how Clang and compilers work behind the scenes.

My second internship was also in Google Munich. This time I have worked on clangd, Clang-based language server for C++. I have built the code completion search engine which resulted in up to 100x performance improvement! I carefully documented project’s design and presented the results at the LLVM Developers Meeting.

I also worked in the Machine Learning field for a while, studying and researching convex optimization at the university and then joining Handl, a Y-Combinator-backed startup to work on optical character recognition.

After graduation I joined the team at 🇩🇪 Google Munich where I was an intern. At Google I was working on clangd, Clang and LLVM. Among other things, I have built Remote Index and Include Cleaner. In the absence of a Product Manager in our team, I acted as one - learning what features our users want, conducting UX interviews and surveys, processing feedback and prioritizing the most pressing issues. I previously studied in Yandex School of Management (ШМЯ) which helped me develop enough expertise to take on Product Manager or Project Manager responsibilities.

In 2022 I have joined Waymo, Google’s self-driving cars unit, and moved to 🇺🇸 California. At Waymo I work on Simulation which helps us ensure safety for our vehicles and the public, and allows rapid experimentation with our software.

My programming language of choice is usually C++, Rust or Python.

Outside of work